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Why We’re Different (In a Nutshell)

Dear Reader,

Recently, I’ve changed our business model here at Victory. I have listened to our clients and am now able to do a whole lot more for a small number of clients. I’ve now built a team of Subject Matter Experts to coordinate all the personal financial affairs for a small community of clients.

Previously, I would listen to your situation and recommend financial products and services. I was paid by commissions or by a percentage of your “assets under management”. Periodically I’d sit down with you to discuss your investments, provide a market outlook, and recommend changes from time to time. I was a Subject Matter Expert delivering a narrowly defined service of Investment Management Services and Insurance Services.

Now, I create a comprehensive written lifetime financial strategy with my team and coordinate all of your personal financial affairs. We provide oversight over the financial people in your life and ensure every financial recommendation is perfectly aligned with your overall plan. We pay close attention and whenever you drift off-course (and every one does), I recommend course-corrections so you remain on-track. We watch your back for potential conflicts and protect your assets and strategy. We provide this incredible amount of value all for a simple fixed or flat-fee, regardless of your net worth.

Victory Wealth Services Team Structure

How Victory Wealth Services Team Structure Works

Today, I am proud to say that I deliver truly comprehensive financial services and oversee all areas of your personal finance through a skilled team of Subject Matter Experts.

Once we acquire 75 Ideal Clients, we’re closing our business to new clients so we can focus 100% of our time on this “Ideal Client Community”.

For more information on what makes us truly unique read the Post: “Old World vs. New World”. Feel free to contact us any time at (928) 778-1050 to discuss methods of reaching your highest potential with sound, long-term financial strategies.

Kindest regards,

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Founder of Victory Wealth Services

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