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The Victory Meeting Process

You will have as much contact with your Trusted Advisor and Deliverables Team Members as you require and desire. However, three times a year we will need you; and we will schedule vital Client Progress meetings for every four months. If we need to rearrange these dates to fit your calendar, as they grow closer, we have the flexibility to do so. These meetings are important for you and us both; you will appreciate hearing the progress towards accomplishing your chosen financial objectives. And these meetings are highly critical to us as this is the time to gather information and documents from you to coordinate your personal financial affairs.

How it Works

Victory Wealth Services Meeting Process Prescott Arizona

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Meeting #1: The Discovery Meeting
To begin we invite you to join us in our office for a relaxing and informative one-on-one experience. During this time we’ll ask you a few questions, but you’ll do most of the talking. We’ll use this time to get to know one another and complete your complimentary Financial Road Map®. This valuable exercise is designed to help explore your values, identify your goals and gain a clear understanding of your current financial health and future direction.

Once we all agree that working together is a ‘good fit’, we’ll spring into action and create your personal comprehensive written financial plan for you.

Within 2 weeks we will get together for Meeting #2: The Implementation Meeting.

Meeting #2: The Implementation Meeting
In this meeting you’ll receive The Greatest Probability Strategy™ (GPS) which is a step-by-step implementation plan-of-action. Begin implementing the initial action items and recommendations as your team establishes your comprehensive written lifetime financial strategy.

Within six weeks of this meeting, we will get together for Meeting #3: The Initial Progress Meeting.

Meeting #3: The Initial Progress Meeting
This will be our first client progress meeting. You’ll assess your progress and we’ll have a substantial number of action items and recommendations for you since our review of all areas of your personal financial situation will be completed.

Now things really start to get exciting!

The Annual Three Meeting Process

By this time we’ve worked hard to get your entire financial house in perfect order. To make sure it stays that way you receive three regular annual meetings, one every four months:

Annual Meeting #1: The Comprehensive Safety Review
As the name implies, during this meeting each year you and your Trusted Advisor will explore the risks to your comprehensive written lifetime financial strategy. We will ensure that there is a sensible strategy in place for every risk of which you, your Trusted Advisor, and your entire Deliverables Team can conceive.

Four months later we’ll have Annual Meeting #2: The Goal Progress Outlook Meeting.

Annual Meeting #2: The Goal Progress Outlook Meeting
You will leave The Goal Progress Outlook knowing your number. That is the single simple number required be on-track for achieving every goal you’ve set.

Once per year we will “dive deep” into every one of your financial objectives with you and provide you with the numbers necessary to fund each goal. Our Subject Matter Experts will share The Goal Blueprint which has been prepared for each of your goals detailing both the strategies and the tactics currently in-place which are creating the greatest probability you will achieve each one by the target date you’ve set.

Four months later we’ll have Meeting #3: The Annual Review.

Annual Meeting #3: The Annual Review
Put simply, The Annual Review is all about implementing all those routine course corrections required to keep your comprehensive written lifetime financial strategy on-track and aligned with your financial objectives.

Things happen in life. That’s why we need to meet with you once every four months for a comprehensive client progress meeting. One of those meetings each year is a thorough annual review. As with every progress meeting, we will have several crucial conversations and at this meeting each year we’ll go through The Correct Your Aim (CYA) client exercise.

Four months later we start all over again with Annual Meeting #1: The Comprehensive Safety Review.

Victory Wealth Services brings over 200 years of financial planning experience to work for you. Our team of financial specialists makes it much easier for you to live your Ideal Life. This allows you to do what you want to do with the people you care about the most.

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