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Loss Comes in Many Forms

Senior and Daughter Going Through Picture AlbumLoss comes in many forms: Our children grow up and move out, friends retire and move away and loved ones pass on. The longer each of us lives, the more people we may lose in our lifetime. It’s also possible that one reason the “graying divorce” rate has increased in recent years is because longer life expectancies offer the potential to build a new life after divorce.

We lose other things, like our keys and maybe our short-term memory. We may lose our good health or even our teeth. We lose a little bit of our nest egg gradually as we withdraw it as income during retirement.

However, loss is not unique to retirees. We experience losses throughout life and generally find ways to cope and move on. Growing older is no different. You’ve probably heard the adage that you can’t control all the things that happen in life — only your response to them. So instead of focusing on the things you lose as you age, perhaps respond by embracing the things you gain.

These things may include your home and your family. Wisdom and knowledge. An understanding of what’s truly important to you in life. Decades of wonderful moments and memories.

Loss is an inherent and inevitable part of life. But life is just that: living. You get another day; another opportunity to live. Dealing with loss is important, but its purpose is to help you move on and embrace what each new day can bring.

At Victory Wealth Services,We can help you work toward your retirement income goals. Many times, it’s about reviewing your lifestyle now and extending it out to the future to see what your expenses potentially could be, then planning for that amount. As an independent financial services firm, we help people create retirement strategies that custom suit their needs, objectives, and values. Please feel free to give us a call to schedule a meeting.  928-778- 1050


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