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Fight Dementia with Social Relationships

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Fight Dementia with Social Relationships

Long before we reach old age, children get distracted, teenagers focus on social ties rather than schoolwork and grown-ups find themselves dreaming of get-away-from-it-all exotic vacations. These temporary diversions are all well and good until you enter your later years, when you may live alone, experience short-term memory issues and/or find your mind wandering away from the here and now for longer periods of time.

Researchers have found that positive social support from adult children can help reduce the risk of developing dementia in older people. In fact, while positive interactions decrease chances, negative social support can increase them.1

To help ward off symptoms of dementia, older adults should proactively seek out and reinforce both the quantity and quality of social connections with reliable and understanding relationships with their spouse, children and other immediate family members.2 

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